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Rocket Dodge

You win!
You lose!
Rocket Dodge by llamapixel


Dodge all incoming rockets and enemy jet by moving your ship around.

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created at 07.03.2013
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comments (5)

Cheers guys, now I know the basics I might spend some time thinking about my next graphical masterpiece ;). lol fun llamapixel over 5 years ago
Great game! And you have moving clouds :) Just the bounding boxes of the objects are a bit wide. Tip for the future: you can change that with in the "shape" option (when you are in behavior editor) Zeus over 5 years ago
Yeah, you can get bugs even in the simplest games. Great game, I like the degree of difficulty. Always happy when someone takes their time to figure out how building works! egraether over 5 years ago
nevermind, stylish game anyway! .dre over 5 years ago
lol you can start dead with the enemy ship starting on your location :) llamapixel over 5 years ago