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1. Paint

Playtin offers a basic paint tool with all the necessary tools you need to paint your own game world and objects.

Use the pencil-, fill- or one of the shape-tools
Use frames for different states of your game object
you can zoom in/out
for a better drawing experience
Publish_graphic share your graphics, so that others can use them in their game too!

2. Create

Editor600 Behavior
Add game objects or set the background
Set game mechanics in the behavior editor
Enable the detail view
to see more
Place your game objects on the stage by drag and drop

IF ... THEN ...

Every game works by adding behaviors on your game objects.
Add triggers and actions with the IF-THEN principle.

For example: IF a click on your game object occurs THEN move


You will be guided with a step by step question-and-answer solution through all the triggers and actions, so that it becomes pretty easy to build your game!

3. Play and share

After publishing your microgame - everybody can play it! Share it on social networks, embed it on your page or see how people like and comment it.

see game stats like
rating, difficulty and plays
write / read
share your game
with others!